Outer Banks Attractions

The overabundance of Outer Banks attractions is just one of the reasons why the region is such a great place to be. Take a look at our guide to discover why. 

Have you ever found yourself wondering about things to do on the Outer Banks, NC? Have you ever found yourself in search of Outer Banks activities for you, your family, your friends, or for all of you to enjoy together?

Not for long. Our guide provides details of the best Outer Banks attractions, giving you many things to choose from. Take a look.

Attractions on the Outer Banks of North Carolina

The Lost Colony Outdoor Drama

The story of the lost colony of Roanoke Island has been passed down into North Carolinian folklore and forms the basis for this recurring outdoor play. The play itself is one of the oldest continually performed drama pieces in the United States and is a great example of things to do in Outer Banks, NC.

Visit the Many Beaches

As a chain of islands and peninsulas, the Outer Banks is characterized by its beaches. On the east side of the island chain, you will find the wilder oceanside beaches, while on the west you will find the soundside beaches, protected from the heavy weather of the Atlantic.

Nags Head Fishing Trips

There are numerous great fishing locations around the Outer Banks, but few of these can rival those around Nags Head. This is where keen anglers come to begin fishing expeditions out on the ocean waves, and fishing is one of the most popular of all Nags Head attractions.

Golfing at Kilmarlic

Golfers will find their hobby catered to in the area, and it is a prime Outer Banks activity. The course at Kilmarlic is one of the finest in the eastern United States and is a great addition to the Outer Banks’ sports and leisure scene.

Spot Some of the Local Wildlife

The Outer Banks is home to a fascinating range of wildlife, from birds of prey and waders in the skies overhead, to dolphins and whales out at sea. Get out, explore, and see what you can find.

Get in the Saddle

Not all of the animal life on the Outer Banks is wild. With plenty of horse trails and stables around the area, equestrian fans will find ample opportunity to get in the saddle.

Pay a Visit to the Birthplace of Aviation

Powered flight began right here, with Orville and Wilbur Wright’s maiden flight at Kill Devil Hills. While the event is more closely associated with Kitty Hawk, it, in fact, took place at the nearby hills.

Eat at Kitty Hawk or Corolla

Something which certainly can be found in Kitty Hawk, however, are great restaurants. Visit here, or Corolla at the northern extreme of the Outer Banks, for unparalleled dining options.

Get to Grips with a Rich History at the North Carolina Maritime Museum

The Maritime Museum on Hatteras provides a fascinating glimpse into a long and varied history. Not to be missed.

Hike on the Dunes at Jockey’s Ridge

Jockey’s Ridge provides hiking options with a difference, as visitors explore a fascinating landscape of dunes.

Visit the Bodie Island Lighthouse

Bodie Island is one of the most singularly charming spots on an incredible stretch of coastline, and the island’s lighthouse is a particular treat.

Play at Being a Pirate in Manteo

The local area’s connection with piracy and adventure on the high seas is a long-standing one. At Manteo, the Outer Banks Pirate Adventure gives kids of all ages the chance to experience this history for themselves.