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Buying a new home on the Outer Banks is a dream for many people, but how do you make that dream become a reality? There are a number of things that you should know when buying a house here – take a look at our guide to learn more.
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How the Buyer’s Agency Works

As you search for the perfect property here on the Outer Banks, it is important that you understand our role as your Buyer’s Agent. Here on the beautiful Outer Banks and the state of North Carolina a Buyer’s Agent means exactly what it states (a real estate agent who represents the buyer exclusively). Buyer Agency Agreements has been implemented to protect the best interest of the buyer. There may be occasions when an agent will be a Dual Agent in a transaction but the buyer’s interest is still protected. Usually there is a Seller’s Agent and a Buyer’s Agent on a transaction.

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How the Buyer’s Agency Works:

As your Buyer’s Agent we work exclusively as your personal representatives as you search for property here on the Outer Banks. As your Buyer’s Agent, our complete focus is to get you the best property for the best possible deal. We will do our very best to save you thousands of dollars on purchasing a property. Our job is to protect you, the buyer, and to negotiate the best price and the most favorable terms for you with you with your purchase. Any information that you share with us about your circumstances is kept confidential. In the negotiating process your position is never discussed with anyone but you! As your exclusive buyer’s agent you will have our undivided attention and loyalty. We will negotiate the terms of the purchase contract strictly on your behalf. As your Buyer’s Agent we will inform you of all of the positives but will also identify the negatives of any property or any transaction. Our main objective and job is to assist you and help you make a Fully Informed decision. This includes helping you make the best choices on purchasing a property here on the Outer Banks and avoiding any potential pitfalls.

Who is responsible for paying your Buyer’s Agent?

A very important fact to remember about being your exclusive Buyer’s agent on the Outer Banks is that I am generally paid by the Seller. All transactions have two sides- the seller’s side and the buyer’s side. Through the Listing Agent’s listing contract with the seller or builder, the commissions are pre-negotiated to be split by the Listing Agent (seller’s agent) and the Buyer’s Agent (your agent). The seller is responsible to pay for my exclusive service to you as your Outer Banks REALTOR. This has nothing to do with the sales price. All too often the buyer believes he/she can get a better price from the seller if they deal with the seller directly without having a Real Estate agent to represent you. THIS IS NOT TRUE!!! In many cases, the buyer can end up paying a higher price by not having their own Buyer’s Agent to represent them.

Our Responsibilities as your Buyer’s Agent:

Our job is to negotiate the best price and most favorable terms for YOU. Any information that you share about your circumstances is kept strictly confidential with me. You (The buyer) position in the negotiating process is never discussed with anyone but you! YOU WILL HAVE OUR UNDIVIDED LOYALTY.

As an experienced Real Estate Broker, it is not my intention to simply pull MLS listings of properties or to show you a few of the properties, but rather to build a long lasting relationship with all of my clients. This relationship includes assistance with all aspects of real estate transactions from identifying the best properties suited for you, meeting and showing properties while pointing out all of the NEGATIVE as well as the positive aspects of each home, negotiating satisfactory terms in a purchase, support in locating reputable local lenders, inspectors, closing attorneys and other vendors necessary in completing any purchase and finally assuring all is taken care of by accompanying you (THE BUYER) to closing.

Working Together as a Team

There are many responsibilities in a real estate transaction and every transaction is different. I as your Buyer’s Agent will bring knowledge, intelligence, honesty and the tools of technology to the table when our professional assistance is requested. It takes a lot of time and effort that goes into representing buyers. When working with a REALTOR, we ask that you understand the highest level of service can only be provided with your cooperative effort. Please share openly & honestly and I will be able to take very good care of you and your needs.


Protecting your privacy is of the utmost importance to me. Information about you, your transaction and the purpose for using my services will remain secure based on your wishes.

Time Efficiency

I understand your need to find the perfect property here on the Outer Banks for you and your family without sacrificing effective contract negotiations. I have tremendous knowledge and experience and I promise to work efficiently so you can start taking advantage of enjoying the ocean and the wonderful Outer Banks in your new vacation property.


You will benefit from my exceptional use of today’s technology. I have access to nearly all of the information I need with me at all times to save you time and energy.

Searching for the Perfect Property

When you begin your search for a property here on the Outer Banks it may become overwhelming at first from the excitement and being nervous about having a mortgage on you. I will assist you throughout and hold your hand the entire way. The first thing is to know what your intentions are for the property. Once I know what your intentions are I will point out everything possible about the properties that we will be looking at and will provide you with the expenses if provided by the Listing Agent.

Going Under Contract

Once you are ready to write up an offer I will need a Pre-Qualification Letter from a lender (I have recommended 3 of our top Local Lenders below)I will also need Earnest Money – no checks with you, no problem, earnest money can be made payable and mailed to the attorney of  your choice within 5 days of ratification of contract. (I have recommended 3 of our best Attorneys here on the Outer Banks)- North Carolina is an Attorney State NOT a Title State as you may be used to.  Earnest Money can be anywhere from $1,000 to $20,000 depending on the purchase price. Once the Buyer Agency paperwork and the Offer to Purchase forms are completed and signed I will send the Offer to the Seller’s REALTOR and explain the terms.  Please be prepared that the seller might counter your original offer and this process is called “Negotiating”.  Once a mutual price has been agreed upon between the buyer and seller we will have a “Contract”.

Dealing with a Lender

I suggest that you deal with a local lender here on the Outer Banks that is familiar and experienced in the Outer Banks. There have been too many contracts that have fallen through due to using an out of state lender or bank. I will be more than happy to recommend a few good ones to you. It is VERY IMPORTANT to deal with a local lender and to provide them with as much information as possible. I will be in constant contact with the lender throughout the entire process of the loan.


You have an option of having different inspections done on the property before you go to closing on the property. There are pest inspections, home inspection, surveys & septic inspections. I strongly suggest on having a HOME INSPECTION done on the property that way you can have a peace of mind. I as your buyer’s agent will receive a copy of the Home Inspection and I will go over it with you and then I will inform the seller’s agent of the necessary repairs if there are any to be made. This may be negotiated also between the two parties or a credit may be giving at closing by the seller for the necessary repairs.


Your closing attorney’s paralegal will be receiving the lending package from your lender and she will make sure that she matches all figures with the lender as well as with the seller’s attorney for the seller’s side of the closing. Most likely the property taxes will be prorated between buyer and seller on the closing statement. Once everything is agreed upon then the buyer’s attorney will set up a closing time for the buyer to come in and sign the appropriate documents that are provided by the lender. If the buyer does not come to closing then the entire loan package will be overnighted to the buyer and the buyer is responsible for signing the documents in front of a Notary and overnighting the package back to the buyer’s attorney for closing. North Carolina is an attorney state and not a title state. Everything must be done by an attorney.

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Madonna is a rock star. She and Michael made the home buying process much smoother than we expected it to be. We closed in less than 30 days! They are truly a full service team, even helping with the setup of insurances, electric, cable, etc. Add to that the fact that they are great people. This wasn’t our first time purchasing a home, but it definitely was the easiest. We wouldn’t think of working with or recommending anyone other than team M&M.
— arceniadavis
Madonna was referred to me back some 13+ years ago. She sold me a condo at Colony by the Sea sight unseen. That is how much blind faith I put in her from the very first time we spoke. Needless to say, she did not let me down. I love the condo and so do all of my guests and family. I refer Madonna and Michael to anyone thinking about buying at the Outer Banks. One on my referrals to them has bought 2 properties. So- needless to say, I can not praise their honesty and integrity enough. I myself, have been a REALTOR for 47 years, so I appreciate their contributions to our industry.
— Lois Verderber
I have worked with Madonna for over 25 years. She and Mike are the best. I have referred friends to her and they have all been pleased with her! I recently purchased a home and Madonna was delightful to work with. She responds quickly and finds answers to my questions. Thank you Madonna!
— zuser20170128163459298
We purchased as house outside Madonna's normal area and she stepped right up and helped us all the way! She did her research in order to be sure we were getting what WE wanted. She pointed out things we needed to know and showed us how to work thru all the issues that come with buying a house. Her knowledge and experience kept us from making bad choices. She respected our concerns and was constantly putting us at ease. I would recommend her for a experienced or novice buyer.
— mbird4388
No one could have expected a Real Estate Agent to give the kind of personal attention and care that our family experienced while working with Madonna VanCuren on the purchase of a new home on the OBX. During the complicated process of dealing with the seller, inspections, etc., she anticipated our needs and provided detailed assistance every step of the way. She always picked up the phone at the first ring, ready to furnish informed answers! I am a returning client of Madonna’s, having previously bought a few homes on the OBX. She knows her territory and how to make the process easy. I would not consider calling anyone other than her when I am ready to buy or sell. I know she has integrity and her client’s best interests are her primary concerns.
— cbwhitener
Great realtors! They helped us find the beach dream house. Fabulous location. Right size for the whole family. And our grandchildren say it is their favorite place.
— Michael and Rose McTague
When we were clueless about buying a beach property, my husband contacted Madonna. She helped us find the property that checked off all our necessities. It has been one of the best decisions we ever made. We have been in touch with Madonna ever since. She has been a trusted friend to us and I would highly recommend her as an agent.
— Donna Sell
Bought a Single Family home in 2021 in Buxton, NC. If only I could give Madonna 100 stars I would. She is incredibly knowledgeable of the are and the market and especially what too look for and look out for in your purchase. I have entered into many real estate transactions in my life in the DC area and I have NEVER had anyone work harder than Madonna. She is as genuine as you can get, a tough negotiator and won't be afraid to talk you out of a property if it is not a good option. And she's a lot of fun. Michael and Madonna are the best!
— Perkinsloria
Madonna stuck with our indecisiveness on whether to buy on the Outer Banks or remain in San Diego for about 5 years. It was her local expertise, kind heart and urgency to "get things done" when it came to the purchasing process! I'd recommend her to anyone interested in buying or selling here on the Outer Banks! Thank you so much for everything! -Teague Family
— zuser20160120135854073
We had been working with another realtor, but on our opportunity to look at property that agent was unavailable. Madonna stepped up and showed us the properties we had found in our price range. But, she started with a property out of our range but exactly what we were hoping for. By the end of a long day, we had looked at that first property twice more. Madonna then suggested ways we could ‘swing’ the higher price and also suggested some bidding strategies. After many calls and many soul searching decisions we placed a successful bid. Today we live on the OBX in our dream house on the ocean. Without Madonna’s help, advice and counsel we wouldn’t be here. She continues to keep in touch. I would recommend her always as a friend and agent.
— August Janda
Madonna helped me buy the perfect home. She is very detail oriented and knowledgeable. Communication was superb and we were able to close on time! I would not hesitate to use her again.
— jmcnamara606
Without Madonna and her knowledge of how to get things done in OBX real estate, I know we would not be living in our wonderful house. She helped us navigate the multiple obstacles to the sale, linked us to excellent local professionals for inspections, testing and insurance issues, and made the purchase process easy for us to manage from a distance. She was tireless and a fierce advocate in her work for us, and we will always be grateful.
— Lynne Scott and Suzanne Scott Constantine
Madonna and Michael are great to work with! They helped us locate several homes to look at and patiently assisted with our walk-throughs and loads of questions. Ultimately we found a great house for our family, and the negotiation and closing process was smooth and seamless. Thank you to the M&M Team for all your guidance and hard work!
— shanpain2019
Super friendly and experienced OBX realtor! My remote buying process went real smoothly with Madonna’s guidance and recommendations throughout the negotiating, inspection and closing process. Thanks for all your help!
— zuser20140430174845623
We bought our Nags Head home 6 years ago, knowing only that we love the Outer Banks, but not knowing what to look for. Madonna took a long time to explain the market, find out what we wanted out of life, and then tailoring our search to what we were looking for. After we bought the house, Madonna counseled us on rentals and how to manage them, and gave us a great deal of insight on vendors and contractors that has proven to be spot-on. Even now, when we need advice, Madonna always spends time helping us. In short, she did much more than most realtors we’ve ever seen, and truly lives up to her motto that she is our realtor for life. Some of our friends are also thinking of retiring to, or buying property in, the Outer Banks, and we will happily refer ALL of them to Madonna, knowing how she "adopts" her clients and gives them full service even after the sale.
— Todd and Karen Higgins
Through the process of helping us attain our place on the Outer Banks, I would like to think we became friends. Madonna and Mike were kind and attentive, unhurried, informative, helpful and patient with us. They zeroed in on what Roxann wanted and found time to introduce us, at our convenience, to places they felt we might find attractive. Our experience with Madonna and Mike was pleasurable and fun. They are fine people and we are grateful for their help and friendship.
— David and Roxann Moreland
Madonna was recommended to us by a friend and she was just wonderful to work with. She knows this business inside and out and also knows the Outer Banks inside and out as well. No question goes unanswered, she was available to us at all times and she was there for us for anything we needed at all. One of the hardest working people I've met! We would highly recommend her and would absolutely work with her again without question.
— nancychris19
Madonna and Mike VanCuren helped me and my family find the perfect beach house in the Outer Banks. As we are in CT and not local to OBX, it was extremely important to find an agent/broker who was very experienced, knew the OBX area thoroughly, and who would be able to be our eyes and ears for us since we could not visit these properties in person. Everything was done remotely. It was also very important to find someone who was not looking to just make a sale. Madonna and Mike were the perfect agents for us. They truly cared about what was most important to us, but also what was the best property for us. There were many times where they turned us away from properties simply because they knew it wasn't the best and safest investment for us. Instead of trying to persuade us to buy, they would deter us from many properties that looked great on the surface. But because of their local knowledge and experience, and genuine care for our best interests, they kept searching for the best options for us. And ultimately we found one and were able to close on it recently. Madonna's and Mike's responsiveness was exceptional. Being remote, we were constantly looking to speak with them or ask questions of them, and they would get back to us immediately, in every case. Weekends, evenings, holidays, they were available to us every single time, and that was extremely helpful for us. They would literally bend over backwards for us. I can't say enough good things about our overall experience with them. We could not have asked for better, experienced, caring agents. We highly recommend Madonna and Mike to anyone looking to buy/sell property anywhere in the Outer Bank.
— trea1217
Madonna Vancuren and her team at Sun Realty are the absolute best! Local knowledge garnished with Southern charm and a love for the Outer Banks that meets my own. She helped my family secure a lot in Kill Devil Hills between the ocean and the sound to build our future home on. The lot's location and the unexpected timing of transaction were impeccable. Madonna is a real joy to do business with and we take great comfort knowing she is just a phone-call away for any questions or concerns regarding our future home. -The Meyer Family
— asm39sbu
While on vacation in 2012, my husband and I contacted Madonna as she had a listing for a house we were interested in seeing. She met with us right away, showed us that house as well as a few others in the area. We settled on the first one and she stayed on top of things and got the sale through to closing smoothly. Six months later, we had a neighbor's house go up for sale through a different realtor. We were looking for something close for my elderly, widowed mother. We called Madonna and she took right over and made arrangements for Michael – her husband – to come out and show us the house as she was tied up in meetings. He came right away and was very patient as we checked every little thing we could. He was quick to find answers to our questions and between the 2 of them, we were able to close smoothly on that property as well. Although I have not had a need for real estate dealings since then, I consider the M&M Team my realtor and will use them in the future if or when we need them.
— Carol Fulton